Best practice for IT security has gone from being a 'nice to have' or provided as a standalone package, to being an intrinsic part of the network infrastructure. Security now focuses on the protection of data itself and the policy surrounding accessing company data. Three industry transitions are driving communications network change; Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the ability to work anywhere, and video.

Thomas Duryea Logicalis understands that practical IT security is a trade off between the cost of practice, the actual business risks and the effective security achieved. As such, systems which define best practice for one organisation may not fit the resources or operations of another. By measuring a business's security requirements and security practice costs, it is possible to identify achievable security benchmarks which match an organisation's risk profile.

Thomas Duryea Logicalis' network security standards provide a framework by which any organisation can be measured, and an appropriate security roadmap achieved.

Business Benefits

Ensures your network is ready to face the latest security threats

Monitors and enforces network security policies across your organisation

Integrates security into the design of the network

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