Our approach

The lifecycle of a data centre project can be long and involved, requiring a diverse set of skills to achieve success. In fact, one of the biggest challenges Thomas Duryea Logicalis sees customers facing when evaluating data centre options is getting all of the different points of view involved to converge into one coherent strategy.

One of the considerations we take into account is whether a “validated design” such as a Flexpod or VSPEX (which provides an integrated and proven data centre platform) could reduce cost and implementation risk. These also provide an ideal platform on which to move to a private cloud model. On the other hand, this approach may not be appropriate if you’re looking to re-use or retain your existing investment in data centre technology, but need to add capacity or address performance issues.

Thomas Duryea Logicalis recommends a phased approach beginning with a period of discovery and assessment that consists of a review of the existing and planned data centre space methodology requirements and overall IT infrastructure. We then work with you to identify the most appropriate approach and designing and integrate the infrastructure using the most appropriate vendors and technologies

To build a solid plan for your future requirements, ask yourself the following:

Know what you need:

To find out how to move to a private cloud model, download our Six Steps to Private Cloud “How to” guide.

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