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Many data centres have become obsolete or operate inefficiently due to the extreme technological advances of computing equipment and an aging support infrastructure. Our assessments get your data centre into top shape!

  Data Centre Assessment
Thomas Duryea Logicalis will undertake an objective review of your environment in terms of its ability to perform and support your mission-critical applications, combining on-site surveys and data collection with off-site analysis and bench-marking.
  Virtualisation Assessment
Thomas Duryea Logicalis’ VMware Health Check ensures that your virtual infrastructure continues to follow best practices and employs the latest in virtualisation solutions.
  VMWare Health Check
Thomas Duryea Logicalis’ VMware HealthCheck will review your VMware vSphere environment and provide concrete, actionable recommendations to optimize your virtual infrastructure.
  Storage Assessment
Thomas Duryea Logicalis accesses and investigates the deployment of storage services in your organisation to improve the efficiency of its existing investments and strategies for the future.