Our Approach

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to communications & collaboration. Every enterprise has its own specific business environment and individual requirements. The overall goal of our approach is to translate existing complexity into ease of use and positive business outcomes.

When evaluating an enterprise collaboration solution, it is important to build a flexible platform that considers the collaboration needs of all business constituents, including mobile workers, executives, call centre agents, and business partners. It should also be designed to specifically serve the post-pc workplace, fit in easily with the existing IT landscape, and accommodate the most stringent enterprise demands as they arise.

The first step is to thoroughly understand the customer's needs and the demands of its specific use cases. Any recommended solution is not prescriptive from a technology perspective, but is a bespoke solution for each customer.

Thomas Duryea Logicalis consults closely with clients to design infrastructure that aligns with the customer's particular business and anticipated needs. And sometimes there are challenges to a customer's thinking, based on Thomas Duryea Logicalis' considerable experience, but the goal is a satisfied meeting of the minds to reach the optimal solution.

A key strategy factor is to ensure the business objectives of the collaboration deployment are clearly defined and communicated. They should be owned by the business, not just IT.

Enterprises should also provide training for end-users to effectively use collaboration technologies, to ensure the ROI of IT investment is realised.

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