Hybrid Infrastructure: Undertaking Data Centre Virtualization for Business Agility

Brisbane Airport Corporation undertakes Data Centre virtualization for business agility

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC), the operator and developer of Brisbane Airport is one of the premier aviation hubs in Asia Pacific.

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BAC’s strategic vision is to transform Brisbane Airport into a major commercial centre for business and leisure that supports the economic and cultural growth of Brisbane and Queensland.

“To achieve our vision, BAC requires a highly available and resilient data centre infrastructure platform that will scale to support our future expansion. The selection of Cisco, Dell EMC and VMware helps fulfill this requirement while also providing us with the business agility to create and rapidly deliver new services to the business,” said Stephen Tukavkin, Technology Manager.

BAC selected Thomas Duryea Logicalis to deploy a private cloud built on the Cisco Unified Computing System, Cisco Nexus switches, Dell EMC VNX storage system and VMware vSphere server virtualisation software. Dell EMC’s VNX 5300 storage solution is specifically designed for virtualised environments such as BAC. Incorporating FAST (Fully Automated Storage Tiering) Technology Dell EMC VNX arrays move high-performance data to enterprise Flash drive to improve application and storage system performance.

Increased Agility and Scale in the Data Centre Business Growth. BAC IT organisation combined its networking, computing, storage and server virtualisation in a private cloud for rapid provision of new services and applications to business with Cisco UCS. Even with BAC’s future infrastructure commitments, the Cisco, Dell EMC and VMware systems can meet the most demanding performance and scalability demands.

Reduced Data Centre Carbon Footprint and Cooling Costs. Since BAC began virtualising with VMware VNX 3.5, approximately 80 percent of its environment has been reduced which is estimated to reflect the removal of 70 physical servers from operation.

New Levels of Operational Efficiency. By streamlining and providing a ”single pane of glass” with Cisco UCS Manager for automated, policy-based management, BAC reduces its risk and improves operational agility and scalability.