Workers Choose Smartphone over Computer

~ Logicalis BYOD poll shows 24 hour smart phone access more important than computer ~

Sydney, June 13, 2012 – A recent poll by Logicalis found that 7 out of 10 employees would give up their computer in favour of their smart phone for 24 hours if they had to choose.

The findings from a survey of IT and business decision-makers across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne comes in the wake of the rapidly emerging ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) trend where employees are increasingly demanding the flexibility to bring their own devices to work.

The survey found that “meeting end-user expectations” was the most significant challenge facing organisations with this, reflecting the impact of technology consumerisation and the IT department’s hold on corporate technology and corporate data being increasingly challenged.

Stuart Driver, Director WW Regional IT Operations at Citrix Systems said: “In the era of IT consumerisation, business leaders have two choices: bury their head in the sand or be proactive and do something about it. The positive news is that we are seeing employers adapting to this trend. Indeed, almost one third of organisations already have a BYOD policy in place and another 40% are planning to introduce such a policy in the future.

The data also reveals that there are challenges facing organisations around how they are responding to the consumerisation of IT. The top five challenges are:

  • Meeting end-user expectations around the corporate IT experience (58% rated as critical or significant)  
  • Provisioning sufficient wireless capacity/bandwidth (55% rated as critical)
  • Implementing an appropriate security model for non-corporate devices (50% rated as critical)
  • Deploying business applications on mobile/consumer devices (48%)     Developing appropriate BYOD IT policy (43%).

However, organisations also stand to reap significant benefits by embracing BYOD. The survey data indicates organisations see reducing costs and increasing worker productivity as the primary benefits of BYOD. One respondent from the financial services industry stated: “We are not a consumer facing business but still see enormous benefits in BYOD inside our own organisation and those of our customers.”

Consequently, organisations are responding positively to the demand for mobility: 41% of organisations provide staff with tablets compared to 31% a year ago in our last workplace survey, and only 17% have no plans to procure tablets compared to 26% in July 2011.

The other dramatic shift is that just under 10% of organisations stated they have "no policy" around handling personal smartphones and tablets, compared with over 26% in the last survey. The vast majority of organisations have some form of support for consumer devices, although there was a very broad range of responses from "Specific device support" and "Only for approved devices (currently blackberry and iPhones)" to "Full support where applicable to the role".

“These survey findings broadly reflect the trends we’re seeing in the market and within our customers, so we’ve responded with the development of our Virtual Workspace solutions that enable BYOD and secure mobility,” said Oliver Descoeudres, Marketing Director at Logicalis Australia. “Smart organisations are getting on board with BYOD to give their employees flexibility and productivity.”

Logicalis recommends three considerations for a BYOD strategy:

  • Device management is critical: The proliferation of end devices and pressure from staff to enable their preferred device is unstoppable - a mobile device management strategy is no longer a "nice to have", it's a necessity.
  • Policies must be enforceable: Smart organisations are identifying "classes" of users and defining what access they need to have to corporate apps and when. The recognition of Logicalis in every geography as accreditation as a Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Authorised Technology Provider (ATP) enables us to consistently deploy contextually-based access control solutions to our customers.
  • Virtual Desktop is not what is used to be: A new breed of virtual desktop (VDI) solutions that is able to deliver voice and video as well as corporate data to any device is becoming the panacea for organisations that need to balance the demands of Gen Y with legal and regulatory requirements. The survey results show 37% of organisations have VDI and another 38% are planning to, and this is reflected in the conversations we are having with customers on a daily basis.

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